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Look in the beginning of the textbook, pgs, x-xiii and review the list of myths by theme. Choose one of the themes that we have touched on more than once so far (creation, death, vengeful/treacherous female, flood, brothers who hated each other, hero, shipwrecked sailor, great goddess) and review the myths we have read in Unit 1 that fall under that theme. Draw some comparisons between the myths in your chosen thematic area, and explore the connections you can find between the oldest and newer myths. Discuss how the newer myths draw upon the older myths. For example, it is said that Ovid drew inspiration for certain parts of his epic poem “Metamorphosis” from Vergil’s Aenid. You might draw parallels between battles, themes, or characters.

You may use outside research to do this journal entry, especially to look up full texts of myths (try this link: NMC Mythology Libguide ) but even if you do not, you must make at least three quotes or paraphrases in your entry to earn credit. Write between 300-500 words.

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