Hi I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On In What Instances Of Your Own

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on in what instances of your own life has malleability been a factor in success or failure Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! 175251 5 paragraph essay In what instances of your own life has malleability been a factor in success or failure? Take the scientific word malleable and use it to describe a personality type. Make sure you use good writing skills in giving the dictionary definition of this word. An uninteresting way would be something like this: “According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, third edition, the word malleable is defined as….” Use concrete examples of the good points and bad points of this trait depending on degree and circumstance.

Malleability is a term and a concept borrowed from the natural sciences. In general malleability is a word used to describe the properties of chemical elements and compounds, especially in relation to metals such as gold, silver, and copper. Usually malleability is considered to be a good property to have in the natural sciences. Being malleable means to be adaptable, to take outside influences to improve one’s own personal properties or strong points. Therefore using malleability is a recognised means of driving forward self-improvement and personal development as well. Arguably malleability is also about having to react to different kinds of pressures and other developments which could well be beyond personal control or an individual’s ability to chose.

Malleability has played a prominent role in and being a notable factor in personal self-development as well as success. Malleability has allowed for the adoption of thoughts, activities, and the gaining of enhanced personal attributes to thrive at school, college, university, in paid employment, and within in various social groups. Malleability is a personal attribute that is priceless when it comes down to having a flexible approach which allows one to fit in and be very useful in most if not all social, academic, and employment circumstances. As a personal quality malleability means being able to adjust to all circumstances under varying degrees of pressure or high levels of expectations to achieve the desired outcomes and results.

In other words demonstrating the personal quality of malleability is a key element in achieving success in academic, social, and employment situations that have already arisen or will arise in the future. Academic institutions, social groups, and businesses all need and will benefit from having people available to them who could clearly show their personal malleability to contribute to team working and decision-making. Malleability could and does make the difference between success or failure, a sound decision or an unsound decision. Personally speaking, or more accurately writing, malleability has over all allowed greater amounts of personal development and improved levels of achievement in all social, academic, and employment activities undertaken. As a person, malleability contributes to my abilities to think or act logically, to be a problem solver, and therefore always part of any solution as opposed to being part of any problem.

There are potentially weaknesses to having the personal attribute of malleability when involved in academic, social, and employment situations. Malleability could appear to be a weakness as a lack of personal opinions and pre-determined decisions potentially means that other people see me as being indecisive and perhaps bendable to the opinions of others. Showing malleability to some people is akin to showing them that you are weak and will meekly give in to the will of the majority of people involved in the decision-making process.

Over all though, I would argue that having the personal quality of malleability is more likely to continue my achievements than to lead to future failures. Malleability allows higher levels of flexibility as well adapting to difficult situations and being able to solve problems logically and under pressure.

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