Hi I Don T Know If This Is Consider A Question But I Really Need Help With This

hi i don’t know if this is consider a question but I really need help with this essay, I need just for you to revise it and tell if it corrections, it docent have a conclusion yet

Are body-worn cameras a good solution?


            Police officers are enforcers of the law, they are the ones that make sure citizens follow them. They have authority, but what happens when they abuse this authority? In recent years unnecessary violence and abuse of authority have become more common. Cases where police officers shoot unarmed African Americans are raising. One of these cases was a when a 17-year-old African American was shoot and killed by a police officers because he ran. These shows just alarming this problem really is. One solution that has gain popularity lately is body-worn cameras, cameras that are meant to record the activity of a police officer. Requiring Police officers required to wear body-worn cameras while on duty will lower cases where police officers use violence and it will improve police-citizens interactions.

Claim Analysis

            Body-worn cameras will help prevent corruption and unnecessary violence. In recent year cases of police officers abusing their authority have escalated to the point in which innocents are being killed. To stop these crimes many possible solutions are being considered in government, but none are as effective and secure as body-worn cameras. Body-worn cameras as stated in the article “Body-worn police cameras: separating fact from fiction: a look at [5] important claims about the technology” by Michael White and James Coldren, “an evaluation of BWCs in the Rialto, California, Police Department documented a nearly 90 percent drop in resident complaints against police, and a 60 percent decline in use of force by officers” this show just how much body-worn cameras decrease violence. The use of implementation of this camera will held officers accountable for their actions, which in turn means a less unprofessional behavior.

         Citizens should not fear police officers, in the contrary there has to be trust on the law enforcers. Many citizens fear police officers, especially minorities. As said in the introduction, there has been many cases where innocents are killed or mistreated by police officers. In  “Lawfulness certainly matters to citizens when they appraise the legitimacy of the police; putting BWCs on officers may increase their adherence to the rule of law when stopping, searching, frisking, and/or arresting citizens” using body-worn cameras will increase the trust on the police officers because there is proof if they unlawfully.

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