Hi I Need Help With Essay On Acadia University Marketing Analysis And Suggestion

Hi, I need help with essay on Acadia University Marketing analysis and suggestion. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

media networks such as blogs, online video sharing, podcasts, microblogging and virtual worlds have eventually become tools for public relations (Thulasiraman, He & Hu, 2007).

Social Media is has also become an essential marketing tool for universities. Universities have had a number of challenges including decreased funding from governments, declining enrolment and increased competition. Since the university is a very wide marketplace, Acadia University will utilize the social media to advertise its courses and dates of enrollment. This is a cost effective marketing tool that will ensure the University reaches more than one billion users of social media across the globe at a very low cost.

The international market for university education is a good opportunity for Acadia University. This is because the international market has the advantage of improving the levels of enrollment and revenues for the institution. Some of the key regions and countries that represent the international market for Acadia include India, Europe and Asia. India is considered to be the country with the highest population in the world. This is a good market for University because it presents a market with high levels of enrollment (Hunt, Bromage & Tomkinson, 2006). The university will also be able to attract international students from Asia and Europe given the fact that the two regions put much emphasis on education especially overseas education.

The other opportunity within the international market is the ability of international students to pay higher fees in time. This will boost revenues for Acadia University and the money will be used in the expansion of the institution to cater for the expected increase in student enrollment (Wise, Vault Editors & Hauser, 2007).

Education remains a key sector in the growth of any economy and as such the government is ready to offer assistance to the education sector. In most cases, government assistance comes in form of grants and incentives. The

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