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An example to apply is Carl Jung who is a Swedish born psychiatric specialist, he introduced an important hypothesis of personality in the field of psychology. He also developed a self-governing theory of personality.

Carl both parents came from a religious background, his dad being a Swiss transformed evangelical minister, while his mum was a complete protestant minister. Consequently, religious influences circulated all the way through the existence of Carl since childhood to present. All these surrounding religious influences that existed in Carl’s life were fundamental especially in connection with the development of his theory of personality. Carl was evaluated to be an exceptionally intrusive individual all through his babyhood, as well as, premature adulthood. Carl as a young adult, hunted out his dad’s counsel on diverse religious questions, moreover he established that his dad once in a blue moon gave him fitting answers.

Carl claimed that this displeasure of not obtaining proper counsel resulted in a diverse detachment between him and his dad, on the other hand, Carl’s connection with his dad does emerge to have predisposed Carl’s afterward expansion of his personality theory. Whilst, dazzling upon his deliberations with his dad, he argued that his dad admitted his religion because of exclusively believing on faith, although he never in point of fact had a religious experience that really touched him expressively. Consequently, religion was a major element of Carl’s theory and was articulated in the form of religion that did stroke people in an arousing manner. (Clifford, 2005). Carl did not articulate to feel a requirement to consider the dissimilarity between churches, nor did Carl appear to feel obliged to pledge to a single religion. Carl obtained his recognized education from the University of Basel, where he studied natural sciences and later studied medicine. At the same time as he is in the university, Carl came across a book on psychiatry by Dr Richard von Krafft Ebing, from the book became also one of the turning points of Carl to come to a decision to penetrate into the profession of psychiatry. During the year 1909, Carl started his own practice that enabled him to travel across the universe. To be able to appreciate life, especially the personality theory created by Carl, it is vital to comprehend the period in which he existed. Carl existed through a fundamental deal of great relevance in the universe history. He experienced the World War I and even World War II. This made him come across a broad human emotion in his existence in this world, with his extinguished education, as well as, period in which he existed is a precise reflection of his theory of personality. During the begging of Carl’s profession as a psychiatrist, the duties of Sigmund came to be relatively significant. A relation between Carl and Freud started when Carl openly supported Freud’s psychiatric therapy. Freud was significantly impressed with Carl due to his shore up to his psychiatric therapy and came into conclusion that he was to be his successor. Later during a trip to America all together, Carl started to doubt the Freud’s emphasis on sexual motivation which was a vital issue in his theory of psychoanalysis. What Carl considered was that Freud’s theory might be without doubt accepted by American audiences if sexual enthusiasm was not a fundamental issue in Freud’s theory of psychiatric therapy.

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