Hi I Need Help With Essay On Analytical Report Based On An Case Study About It P

Hi, I need help with essay on Analytical report based on an case study about IT project management. Paper must be at least 3750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Casa XXI was the resulting company with its three partners specifically created for Alvalade Stadium Complex. Casa XXI had immense experience of catering since decades. As per agreement Casa XXI got right to serve 9 avenues including Prestige, Corporate Club, Sports 21, Restaurant Casa XXI, Cafeteria, Café for employees, Lodges, Kiosks, Bars and walking sales persons. Managing and exploiting revenue from these avenues was not a piece of cake and neither Casa XXI was ready to go traditional. So, Casa XXI decided to go for a new electronic system which was an important innovation. This innovative system used pre-paid cards to pay for sales. These pre-paid cards had a unique serial number which was to be identified by a scanner. The scanner could examine the card status and recharge money to the card. Interesting aspect was its expiration in which card could be used many times. The main objective of this system was to get rid of the traditional cash system which was more time consuming. The new innovative system could serve many customers in shorter time hence productivity was expected to be enhanced. The innovative system used a central database to save information of all cards and sales. In this innovative system when a consumer made a payment by the card, the scanners were to track card holder’s information and money in the card. After which sale was to take place or the money could be debited accordingly. The system was further subdivided into two units. First unit was operated by the front office responsible for interacting clients while back office unit was specified for inventory management whereas information of both system was recorded on an external database. So, the expected target of this innovative system was to create a well-established electronic system of payment which could revolutionize the sales at Alvalade Stadium. Casa XXI massively publicized their innovative system

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