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The entering into contract with Fernando by Simon is not legible. In the sale that Fernando entered into had no acceptance into the contract of sales. The offer was made by Simon and accepted by one party2. The seller did not enter to the allowance of the buying by Fernando. The contract was no variation in the terms of offer. Fernando though accepted the offer that was made by Simon did not notify him so that they could agree on the terms of the sales and the services that could be offered by Simon to him after the sales.

In the sales there should be intention to be legally bound. The agreement that was to occur between the two parties were not confirmed by the law due to the fact that the agreement between the two was not reviewed. The enforcement was also not done in the basis of the public policy.

Simon can be made not liable for the inconveniencies that was caused to Fernando. This is due to the considerations that was not made between the two. The value was worth to the contract that could have been reached between the two but it was not reached. Consideration as an element of an agreement for sale between the two parties was not agreed that could make them being bounded by the law to take the particular exchange of the book. The exchange that was to occur between the two people also was that that could not be held for productive use in the exchange since Simon was not able to receive the mail that was sent to him by Fernando.

The exchange between the two was not of like kind since the two were not of the same nature and did not come to the agreement3. Fernando included in the payment for the book other additions that were not recommended and specified by Simon in his advertisement for the sale of the book. The additional charges makes the seller of the book not liable since he did not quote them in the advertisement. The contract that the two came into was void and this makes no

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