Hi I Need Help With Essay On Carbon Nanotubes Found In Childrens Lungs Paper Mus

Hi, I need help with essay on Carbon nanotubes found in childrens lungs. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

At the end, the writer tells that Jonathan Grigg at Queen Mary, University of London thinks that Nano-particles are unlikely to cause the disease. In this way, he simply rejects that vague hypothesis he supported in the start. Moreover, in the section with heading as “caution”, he hasn’t really suggested any caution for the readers. Indeed he just simply rejects the hypothesis presented in the first part of this article. So overall it is an article that leaves confusion in the mind of the reader.

In my opinion, the article entitled “Your Sunscreen is Killing Earth’s Coral Reefs’’ is basically an informative article, pointing towards the hazardous effects of “oxybenzone’’. a compound found in sunscreens and many skin care products. Coral reefs are a very important resource for medicine, food, economy and protection from environmental factors. i.e a natural barrier protecting coastal cities, communities, and beaches. So, overall it is a nice effort to provide awareness and tell people how skin care products are affecting the coral reefs. But it has a few flaws in it. Firstly, a few slang words are used in this article that doesn’t suit any article addressing an important issue in an academic tone. Secondly, information provided in this article is without reference to authentic sources. The article discusses the hazardous effect of only one ingredient of sunscreen products, i.e. oxybenzone. Whereas in fact there are many other ingredients of sunscreen products that show more or less similar effects.

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