Hi I Need Help With Essay On Case 3 Computer Technology And The Networked Organ

Hi, I need help with essay on CASE- 3 Computer technology and the networked organization. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

On the other hand use of networking systems will help me in gaining a competitive edge among all other restaurants operating in the same area. The entire facility will be well equipped with computers and other related devices networked with one another. Following is the brief description of the overall networking architecture.

In order to establish Italian Food Restaurant I would require computer networking for customer orders, processing and delivery of services. Star topology would be most feasible for this purpose as it will integrate all computers connected to the central network (Risley, 2001). Although this particular setup might create bottlenecks in the data transference but that would be managed by security systems later discussed in this paper. Moreover, I would be needing protocol system for the provision of internet services. Wireless internet connection would be available to all employees and customers who might be willing to utilize it. Generally protocol is defined as a set of signals and rules which are used by the computers to communicate within the same network (Risley, 2001). Here, I would be using TCP/IP or Transmission Control Protocol for cross multiple and routable internet.

LAN is a contemporary data network which can effectively and efficiently increase the customer service processes at the restaurant. It is most suitable for small geographic area. In typical circumstances it is used to connect personal computers, servers and printers with other devices. Moreover, LAN facilitates the file exchange, electronic mailing and other similar applications (Internetworking Technology Handbook, 2012). In the restaurant setting customers would be entering their orders at the main counter which will be directly transferred to the concerned department through wireless networking. Thereafter the responsible customer service staff member will carry out further

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