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IWW uses direct action as part of its efforts to find support for unionization. For example, it uses the social media like Facebook and protesting in front of the company’s stores. The company has on a couple of occasions, punished employees for their support of the union. For example, it has fired a number of employees, as well as, giving unfair performance appraisal to others. Although the company presents itself as socially responsible, its employees face similar challenges that employees in other retailers face. These include inaccessible health care, unpredictable hours, lack of job security and low wages.

One of the key challenges that the labour organization would expect to face include the court battles with the company. Since the company is strong financially, it would be willing to defend itself in the court of law. It would hire top attorneys as part of its efforts to silence employees and to cut down its costs on employers. This would be costly for the union since it would need to hire attorneys to represent the employers.

Another key challenge is the move by the company to hire public relations firms to protect is image. For example, the company has contracted Edelman, a leading global public relations firm, to reflect the company as socially responsible. The company has a strong political influence, which it uses to fight the efforts by the labor union.

The company claims that it provides health insurance for almost all of its employees. However, this is not the case because employees that do not have guaranteed work weeks should work at least 240 hours in one-quarter for them to qualify for the health care. Additionally, workers that qualify for the health insurance pay premiums. After IWW challenged the company, it conceded to the fact that it has covered only 42 percent of its employees. Over 70,000 of the company’s employees do not have health insurance cover, but rely on Medicaid for coverage or other sources (Lynd, 2009).

As far as

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