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Hi, I need help with essay on Communication between killer whales while hunting. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Consequently, to achieve the element of coordination among the members of each species, exchange of information among these species and the environment is key. Thus, communication is the glue holding the animal societies together (Panova, Belikov, Agafonov & Belkovich, 2012).To understand this given subject of communication, evaluating the various modes of signal employed among the animals is key. The existent and established signals for communication include the visual, audible, tactile or olfactory and the medium of transmission is contributory to the adaptability of the signal applied by either species. The transient killer whale as a sea animal communicates through water. Sound in water travels at speed of about 0.9miles/sec (Saulitis, Matkin & Fay, 2005). The killer whales thus rely on the sound production for hunting, communicating and navigating. The species communicates extensively and this study seeks to establish the understanding of the various modes in which the killer whale communicates while hunting. It is notable that from previous survey reports from the people living along the arctic, they hear a wide range of sounds from the whales. A recent group survey found that the whales produced over 24 different sound patterns, and another species of the same whales produced about 23 different sound patterns (Cranford & Krysl, 2015). This variation of sounds produced is evidence of the need to evaluate the various sound modes that the killer whales use to communicate while hunting or when having prey.

The slightest variation in the sound made makes the difference among the whales for a hard earned meal and having an empty stomach. The marine prey for the whales has also adapted accordingly to the given sounds that the whales make to alert themselves of the looming danger of the killer whales.

Objective 1: the first approach to the research proposal aims to establish the usage of the

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