Hi I Need Help With Essay On Creativity And Innovation Week 1 Paper Must Be At L

Hi, I need help with essay on Creativity and Innovation week 1. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

One of the organizations that have undergone an innovation is the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). California Institute for Regenerative Medicine is an organization that improved the development of therapies and potential cures based on the stem cell science (Michael & Panetta, 2005). In order to meet this mission that had been set, the organization had to focus on innovations both internal and external by carrying out research, product development and clinical trials. In order to be more successful, the CIRM developed a collaborative network that consisted of funding entities in 2 international states, 2 foundations, 12 countries and one domestic state. Additionally, the National Institute of Health also entered a collaborative relation with the CIRM. Through a good external collaborative network, California would be able to collaborate with several people from outside the state on several projects of innovation that would help in identifying solutions to different conditions such as HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, childhood neurological disorders, cancer and genetic diseases( Chesbrough, 2003).

The Main inspired idea that led to the innovation was to successfully fulfill the various objectives that were laid by the organization. The objectives include. increasing the development of stem cell therapies, implementing the recommendations of the external review panel. With the objectives set, the project came out with a more valuable result that would help in fulfilling the mission and improving people’s health status with most chronic conditions.

Self expression can be referred to as an expression of one’s personality or feelings such as in poetry, painting or any other creative work or activity (Slowinski, 2005). The development of creativity and self-expression involves the use of technological tools in order to produce a range of creative works. The activities

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