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1 Toward a Gender-Neutral Policy: Protecting the Rights of Men Executive Summary Overview of Problem – Domestic violence rates in the U.K. have remained high despite laws aimed at criminalizing domestic violence and increasing the reporting of violent offenses to the police. Domestic violence is the cause of as much as 25 percent of all reported violent crime (British Crime Survey report, 2007-08). Surveys from the Home Office and a British Crime Survey have revealed that men were the victims in more than 40 percent of domestic violence incidents reported between 2004 and 2009. Yet cultural biases and gender pressures prohibit men from reporting acts of violence against them from women. “Domestic violence is often seen as a female victim/male perpetrator problem, but the evidence demonstrates that this is a false picture,” said a 2010 report from the charity group Parity. Outline of the Problem Introduction – This paper proceeds from the understanding that domestic violence as a whole – and violence against men in particular – represents a far more pervasive problem than is reflected in current government policy. This perspective provides the basis for a discussion of constraints, and of opportunities, to strengthen the rights of male domestic violence victims in the U.K. Recent proposals and subsequent inhibiting factors will be discussed, followed by the presentation of a targeted policy initiative. 2 Context: Summary and Identification of Impacted Group – The intent of this paper is to recommend a program for adopting a more equitable policy stance vis a vis improved victim advocacy for men. The outcome of a more enlightened approach would be heightened awareness of a far more troublesome issue than has generally been understood. As the government moves ahead with a test program intended to better protect domestic violence victims, policy should reflect a more balanced approach to gender –based violence. Otherwise, men will be vulnerable to what may well amount to cursory justice. Cause of the Problem: Impact of Current Conditions – In 2009, the Labour Party announced its intention to give police unprecedented authority in domestic violence situations. Their proposal included Domestic Violence Protection Orders, also known as Go orders, which would require violent offenders to leave their homes immediately for up to two weeks, giving victims a respite during which they could reflect on their situation in safety and determine a course of action. Offenders who violate the terms of a Go order would be in contempt of court, subject to further criminal charges and could be incarcerated. Previously, only offenders placed under arrest could be removed from the premises. A Go order would give police extensive discretionary power to act on behalf of a victim believed to be in imminent danger. Despite its non-gender-specific language, the scheme has been criticized for giving police too much leeway to act based on conflicting information and 3 possibly spurious claims made at the scene of the crime. This is troubling in light of the fact that police, in general, have too little training to accurately assess and react to often confusing circumstances surrounding a domestic violence event. Men continue to be responsible for domestic violence incidents by a considerable amount, however, the 2009 study revealed that violence against men rose considerably between 2004 and 2008.

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