Hi I Need Help With Essay On Do We Need Passion To Start A Business Venture Pape

Hi, I need help with essay on Do We Need Passion to Start a Business Venture. Paper must be at least 4500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

A passionate entrepreneur associates their businesses with their lives and in the process, they develop a strong feeling of attachment towards it. Passion connects the entrepreneur with the power that makes him or her excel in the business activity. It provides enthusiasm, commitment, and hope that encourage the entrepreneur to press on with his or her business idea even when the circumstances are not conducive. A passionate entrepreneur has an intense feeling of love towards his or her business idea and always does things or activities that promote its growth, development, and sustainability. Passion leads to the development of purpose in a person. Entrepreneurs must have passion because starting and running a business is not an easy task. The idea of starting and running a successful business is overwhelming. There are so many questions to answer, hurdles to jump, losses to make, wars to fight and successes to celebrate at the course of business operations. All the above activities that occur during the startup and operation of any business requires a passionate heart. However, to be truly a successful entrepreneur, a person must possess other entrepreneurship qualities apart from passion. Passion forms an integral part and does not operate in isolation. Apart from being passionate, successful entrepreneurs are moderate risk takers, opportunists, visionaries, hardworking, innovative, creative, feedback-seeking, concern for excellence, positive thinkers as well as good negotiators. A person who possess all or almost all the above characteristics posses entrepreneurial tendencies and are more likely to create a thriving business in any field. Entrepreneurs who plan to achieve or realize their dreams must identify what they like most and develop a framework that guides them exploit the opportunities that accompany those activities they are passionate about.&nbsp.

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