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It also claims that females being subject to violence the world over vary in the range of “20 to 50 per cent from country to country” (Khan, 2000). This clearly emphasizes the gravity of the problem. Another major concern in confronting this problem seems to stem from the fact that women, in general, lack awareness about the protection as well as the rehabilitation programs available to them. Linda Chamberlain and Julie Ann Rivers-Chchran find that there have been extensive advocacy programs for women and children of domestic violence, but the number of people who require this service far exceeds the resources available. Therefore, the advocates now find it more appropriate to focus attention to expand “the scope of their work beyond direct victim services to include prevention” (Chamberlain, 2011). Thus, this literature review has brought to fore a valid consideration for orienting the efforts towards prevention as well rather than just supporting the victims. So far as it relates to the issue from the perspective of criminal justice, researchers contend that it has always been seen in the context of punishing the perpetrator rather than from the point view of instituting appropriate provisions to support to the victims.

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