Hi I Need Help With Essay On Dui Class Eassy Paper Must Be At Least 1000 Words P

Hi, I need help with essay on DUI class eassy. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

However, Americans still drink alcohol and drive despite the DUI prevention efforts through DUI laws. This is so as alcohol is deeply rooted in the American culture and way of life. Considering this, there is astonishingly large gap in scientific knowledge regarding the drinking under the influence among the American citizens (Bracken, 2012). It is for this reasons that I have decided to undertake a course in DUI laws. Through this class, I intend to partake in the implementation and formulation of traffic policies within my country. More so, I intend to undertake research on the inconsistencies between law and ethics.

Personally, I have been a victim of drunk driving and the incidence nearly landed me in prison. I drove through a police checkpoint before the officers stopped my car and requested me to pull to the side of the road. At first, I was hesitant since I felt that this type of laws should not be applied in a free country. I saw this inspection as an invasion of my privacy and a collapse of American democracy. Before I could explain my case, the officers requested me to get out of the car and asked me several questions before they suspected me of drunk driving. Nonetheless, I was adamant that I had not taken any alcohol. According to my own understanding, being drunk is a personal issue and levels of drunkenness vary across different individuals. Before this incidence, I considered drunk driving an imposition that is meant to invade or violate people’s privacy. The officers requested me to undertake certain tests such as balancing my body on one leg before I took a breathalyzer test. Through these tests, the officers concluded that I was drunk and that I had violated the drunken driving laws according to state’s regulation. I was detained in the police station for the night. In addition, my driving license was confisiticated. Although I had never had any

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