Hi I Need Help With Essay On Film Language Silent To Kane Paper Must Be At Least

Hi, I need help with essay on Film Language:Silent to Kane. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The pinnacle of the movies happens during the middle era of the films. Toward the 1960s and the last part of the films. however, the Marx Brothers have a slower period that is no longer able to associate with the culture and society that has changed into modern times.

The beginning of the Marx Brothers was not on the stage, but was instead at an opera house in Texas in the year 1912. During this time, the family began to produce comedic strips combined with music. The sketch that began the brothers was called “Fun in Hi Skule,” followed by “Home Again.” Both of these comedic skits were based on the satire of World War II and the controversies of politics that were a part of the time. The different associations and the satire that the troupe used allowed them to move immediately into Broadway then into the hands of Paramount films. The movement into film allowed the four brothers to create a unique style for the film which was based off a specific type of comedy and development of the characters in a certain way. The first four films that were produced were performed on Broadway and were adapted to film, including “Animal Crackers,” “The Cocoanuts,” and “I’ll Say She Is” (Kanfer, 139).

The earlier films were known not only for their humor, but were also able to develop the different parts of acting and humor as well as character development. The concept of experimentation and development was prevalent in these earlier films and was used to help the brothers create a sense of style. For example, at the beginning of “Animal Crackers,” the main character can be seen talking to a tribal man then to the woman. It can be seen from this particular clip that the character is still being developed with a question of how to use this with how to create a deeper meaning to the character. Groucho speaks quickly through his parts and doesn’t have the same

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