Hi I Need Help With Essay On Global Flower Marketing Paper Must Be At Least 500

Hi, I need help with essay on Global flower marketing. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Flower market is also called the market linked with emotions as flowers are used to express once feelings. People buy flowers for a number of reasons: as a gift (for a birthday or a special day such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving), for weddings and funerals, or for own use to brighten up the home (International Labour Organization, 2000). Flowers are most powerful as living plants. There are several researches that show that flowers have a great potential of healing, stress relief, etc. Modern day working environment is quite hectic. A recent scientific study conducted at Texas A&M University finds that nature can hold the secret to business success. The research demonstrates that workers’ idea generation, creative performance and problem solving skills improve substantially in workplace environments that include flowers and plants (Society of American Florist, 2006). Flowers bring colors into our life, flowers bring healing vital energy into our home, flowers always reminds us of the loving side of life, of the beauty of life, of the importance of love. Besides, these are perishable goods with a life of only a few days unlike goods like laptops and mobiles. While people buy laptops and mobiles only a few times in their life time, flowers are a part of their every day life and need to be replaces at least once in two days.Today, flowers symbolize a global billion-dollar industry. In 2000, the market for cut flowers and potted plants reached an estimated total of 6.8 billion euro in global sales.