Hi I Need Help With Essay On Got Milk Advertisement Analysis Paper Must Be At Le

Hi, I need help with essay on Got Milk Advertisement Analysis. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The body copy of this ad is strong in the sense that it suggests that having strong bones is pertinent to the females’ bodies since bones usually grow till an age of 35 years. The calcium present within milk makes a woman look strong and make her feel healthy at the same time. More than that there is no harm in having a schedule which is reliant on consuming milk and it is a part of her fashion regime all the same. The subtextual content is also demonstrated by the girl’s dressing style where certain parts of her body are kept naked so as to have a sort of interest by the target audience, i.e. both males and females. (Davis, 2005) This woman holds a glass filled with milk till the half level which implies that she drinks on a regular basis and hence the reason that she remains fit and healthy. Also some milk is left on the corners of her lips which proves the notion just mentioned. The element of sexuality is very clearly presented within this ad since the manner in which the woman has been attired speaks volumes about the way the ad is being targeted to the people under study. Her belly is apparent enough and so is one of her breasts which suggest that the ad is hitting on the sexuality aspects that have been presented within the ad itself.&nbsp.

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