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Swift in Gulliver’s Travel describes the human nature in a satirical form. He shows how honesty and on the other hand lying are incorporated into the human nature and how well they fit. Swift does this by taking Gulliver through a self-deception journey and getting to a point of experiencing e depicted authenticity that is straightforward. Swift, therefore, reveals human nature as being faced with issues of telling the truth, lying, hypocrisy and authenticity and reality and illusion (Jan 16). Human nature in Voltaire’s Candide emerges as being ridiculous and depicts that whatever happens is for the best of all the possible worlds. He focuses on the capacity of the human to reason and believes that the only time that humanity can reform is when an individual is able to think by themselves and independent of what others think (Jefferson 146). Voltaire sees the possibility of challenges that face individuals with regard to belief before they can realize that optimism does not provide a realistic basis to enable them to perceive the world. He clearly shows that people must think independently in order to achieve all that they ate capable of achieving (Lowers 44). Shelly in Frankenstein brings out the human nature as being to judge from appearance. The people just see the external features of the creature and from this labels him the monster (Allen 93).They do not see beyond his external deformities even to realize the good aspects that he possesses such as being an eloquent speaker.&nbsp.

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