Hi I Need Help With Essay On Is Good Communication In The Workplace Important Pa

Hi, I need help with essay on Is good communication in the workplace important. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

In the current times of rapid globalization, development of pluralistic society and diverse workforce necessitate cross-cultural understanding. Effective communication helps to overcome the barrier of cultural differences and promotes mutual respect. Consequently, good communication within workforce significantly enhances work productivity.

Promoting and creating effective channels of communication within workplace has emerged as critical issue mainly because it helps to disseminate important information across the workforce. Various channels and tools of communication serve as vital linkages for the management and workers to keep abreast of changes within and outside the organizations. Technology has significantly widened the scope of communication and provided people with wide array of communication tools like computer, internet, emails, mobiles, social networking sites etc. The organizational communication thrives on technology-based tools to communicate across workers. The management exploits these tools to inform its workforce about its vision, mission, plans and policies. This helps workers to align their personal and professional goals for achieving organizational goals with higher efficiency. Moreover, effective communication between management and workers empowers workforce with relevant information and equips them with informed choices to make effective decisions.

Feedback on work and organizational policies is also important communication strategy within workplace. The feedback system is important way that management exploits in order to encourage workers’ participation in developing strategies and plans for more efficient delivery of organizational goals and objectives. It promotes collective goals and shared learning. The informal chats with employees help management to understand workers’ expectations, ideologies and cultural competencies that can be exploited judiciously for higher personal and