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I believe in the findings of this study because teenagers seem to do what they are particularly asked not to do. By exposing teenagers to jails and making them aware of the criminal activities that put people in jail, they are made aware of wrongs that they perhaps were unaware of. It is imperative to note that teenagers may be vulnerable to attempting to engage in illegal activities simply because they were exposed to them.

In the case of Johnny, who was diagnosed and found to be psychopathic, there are a number of effects that his diagnosis would have on his rehabilitation. For instance, his condition will not allow him to listen and partake advises from his counselors or therapists. Additionally, with his condition, he may be resistant to psychotherapy. A good example of the effects of this diagnosis is a patient who punched his psychotherapist in the face during a session when he was asked to sit calm and watch a predetermined video as a healing process. This was posted in the

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