Hi I Need Help With Essay On Making Survery And Interview Questions For Proposal

Hi, I need help with essay on Making survery and interview questions for proposal. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The survey questions for both groups are presented below.

It is expected that these questions will be able to search out for most reasons behind placement problems for international students. The results from these surveys can be used to piece together effective strategies to deal with international students placement problems.

In order to deal with placement problems for international students, the representative of the Career Center at UMD will be interviewed to discern the nature of obstacles causing the problems. The information extracted from this interview will enable the creation of strategies that would augment the hiring of international students who graduate from UMD. The sample questions for the interview are listed below.

3. How would you place the responsibility of low placement figures for international students – with the students themselves, the university, the economic circumstances or a combination of all these?

It is expected that answers to these questions from the Representative of Career Center at UMD will yield much required insight that would be required to solve the international student placement