Hi I Need Help With Essay On Mills Paper Paper Must Be At Least 2250 Words Pleas

Hi, I need help with essay on Mills Paper. Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The subject has widespread causes, which may range from sexual abuse and trafficking to deprivation of basic rights like education. The condition of women in most of the countries worldwide is pathetic and the surveys conducted worldwide supports the view. Their own family members, referring to honor killings, murder Five thousand women every year. Trafficking of women and even girls below the age of maturity is widespread in all countries of the world. The girl children are susceptible to sexual abuse. Violence against women results in serious health concerns and consequences leading to injuries and death. In the less developed countries, women do not have access to basic rights of education and health. The violence may be at a personal level or at a social level. In the social level, the women are at risk in countries where the women do not have respect in the society and there is general autonomy of the male community. (WHO).

The malpractices harm the dignity and pride of the women, which may have serious consequences in the social life. Though the women have made tremendous progress in the economic fields in the developed countries, their condition in the developing and the underdeveloped countries is poor. They still lie at the bottom of the social structure and their importance in the society is much lesser than that of the men. This paper deals in this socially relevant issue and tries to find out the personal and public issues of the violence. The paper also points out the solutions to the problem and underlines the methods of addressing the situation depending on the nature of the issues.

The personal and public matters of trouble depend on the outlook. For example, if we take the institution of marriage, there may be certain amount of indifferences between the husband and wife. This is the personal view of the trouble. However, if the amount of divorces and separations increase to a certain extent,

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