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Teaching as a responsibility in nursing entails informing the patients on the medication guidelines (Munro, 2012). As an obligation of a nurse, teaching is evident when advising patients on how to handle the wounds, especially during the post-operative stage. The responsibility extends to other patients undertaking other different forms of medications. Nurses explain to the patients the advantages and disadvantages of the actions taken so that every activity undertaken with regards to healing is in their best interest. Some of the nurses decide to transmit the actual practice of teaching to upcoming nurses (Penn, Wilson & Rosseter, 2008). They impart the knowledge gained to ensure the incoming nurses exhibit high levels of knowledge and professionalism.

In my practice as a general nurse, a reflection of the teaching role is evident when I pass necessary information to the patient. The information passed depends on the condition of the patient in terms of knowledge base and age. In some cases, the teaching may entail actual demonstration to the patients how to handle the medication when they move back home. Providing full information enhances the carefulness among patients leading to improved