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MacDonald’s is known across the world as a leading chain of fast food restaurants according to Smith (2007). The company approximates that it has a daily serving of over 58 million. The organization sells chicken products, chips, soft drinks and desserts. Other products sold by MacDonald’s apart from hamburgers which are its key specialty include breakfast items, cheeseburgers and shakes. Since the supply chain of the organization is wide and the customer base huge and constantly expanding, there are a number of measures that the company has adopted to track its performance records. Customer Satisfaction One of the performance measures that the company uses is customer satisfaction. This is a measure that many organizations apply with an aim of ensuring that current customers remain loyal, while new ones are also attracted. At MacDonald’s, the customer relations manager is charged with the responsibility of gathering data related to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction in this sense represents the satisfaction of the guests with the kind of service they are offered by the company specifically and in totality. The time taken for guests to get served, the quality of food and drinks offered ads well as the relationship that exists between customers and regular staff all play an important role in the determination of customer satisfaction and loyalty for the organization (Smith, 2007). Once customer satisfaction statistics have been gathered, the organization takes appropriate actions to ensure that the customers’ level of satisfaction is at least maintained, better improved. Based on these statistics, other related performance measures are considered for the overall growth of the organization. In certain cases, MacDonald’s management staff (especially the customer relations manager) may take rounds in the restaurant talking to clients and evaluating the kind of service they are offered by the organization’s staff (Smith, 2007). This action among others is taken considering that MacDonald’s places a lot of value in customer satisfaction. In order to gather information relating to customer satisfaction, the organization normally goes the extra mile to send mail or fax to customers with a view of getting feedback on their experiences with the company. MacDonald’s management believes that customer satisfaction remains the single most important measure of its performance (Smith, 2007). It therefore seeks at all times to get customers more satisfied that they ever were during their previous visits. When they go round to see customers getting real time service, the managers send a clear message as to how serious customer satisfaction is taken by the company. Essentially, the performance monitoring is done through observation, personal presence and various means of communication. The company’s management, notes that customer satisfaction as they are served within the company’s premises is an invaluable tool that aids in the making of decisions. As such, the management encourages its staff to remain responsive and to communicate courteously with customers. Customer satisfaction is a vital and most applicable performance measure for McDonald’s considering that the success of the company depends on the existence of a huge customer base.

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