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eport aims to analyse the case of the Ringinglow farm in terms of operational capacity and planning issues, and based on the findings to recommend the next steps to Fred and Gillan Giles.

In order to increase returns on assets and to achieve the extra sales targets Gillian has decided to increase the number of farm visitors by 35 per cent through all the opening months in 2015. However, before making a final decision, it is necessary to analyze the demand for farm visits and the capacities.

According to the information given in the case study, the number of visitors on weekend (Saturday and Sundays) is two times higher than on workdays. Therefore, it is possible to calculate the peak demand in 2014 and 2015 on a monthly basis. The data shows that the peak month in the Ringinglow farm is August (4258 visitors in 2014). Then, average weekly demand on Aug 2014 was 1064,5 visitors/week (=4258/4). On Saturdays or Sundays (August 2014) an average number of visitors was approximately 354 visitors per day (1/3 of 1064).

Assuming that in 2015, the number of far visitors will increase by 35 per cent, during a peak month in August 2015, an average number of visitors will be 5748. The average weekly demand on August 2015 should be approximately 1437 visitors per week (=5748/4). On Saturdays or Sundays (August 2015) an average number of visitors was approximately 479 visitors per day (1/3 of 1437).Therefore, the pattern of farm visitors’ attendance is over 479 people on the peak day (Saturday or Sunday).

As it has been identified in the case study, the parking capacity is 45 car spaces, and 6 spaces for 40-seater coaches. Assuming that the number of visitors arriving in one car will be 4, it is possible to say that the maximum car parking capacity is 180 people, and 240 people by coaches. Therefore, the maximum capacity of car parking per day is 420 people. Taking into consideration the fact that the forecasted number of visitors for 2015 during peak season in peak days