Hi I Need Help With Essay On Personal Values Motivations And Emotional Intellige

Hi, I need help with essay on Personal Values, Motivations, and Emotional Intelligence. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

From the results of the Disc Assessment, it was revealed that the highest Disc dimension which exemplifies one’s personality is dominance and the classical pattern is a results-oriented pattern (Laureate Education, Inc., 2013). These results are therefore aligned with personal values and motivational drives for achievement. As a result-oriented person, the strengths included: exuding self-confidence, quick thinking abilities, determined and persistent, direct, focused, and individualistic. The weaknesses allegedly include: impatience, fault-finders, could be perceived as blunt and uncaring (Laureate Education, Inc., 2013). Thus, emotional intelligence could be perceived as needing improvement due to the innate ability to achieve tasks and responsibilities individually and independently. rather than reliance on other people.

All of these values, motivational drives, and emotional intelligence results were found to be exhibited in the work setting. For instance, one’s previous work in a healthcare institution has proven conformity to ethical, moral, and legal standards, as well as abiding with indicated values through adherence to the organization’s policies and procedures. As a healthcare institution, it was specifically guided by standards proposed by the Joint Commission, which focuses on providing a high quality of patient care (The Joint Commission, 2013). One’s personal values were most appreciated and applicable in the healthcare setting and aligned with motivational drives of being a high achiever. One was tasked to undertake assigned responsibilities and submit reportorial documents in prescribed time frames. Likewise, all endeavors were observed to be undertaken in conjunction with the need to satisfy the needs of the patients and of the people one gets to interact with.

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