Hi I Need Help With Essay On Policy Formulation And Implementation By Internatio

Hi, I need help with essay on Policy Formulation and Implementation by International Public Administration Organizations. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

International public administration basically entails the process of formulating public policies as well as implementing programs that have been established in line with the demands of the public policy.

Policy entails the setting of goals and administration is concerned with the implementation of that policy (Naidu 61). Policy making is a constant process and the policy is formulated and reformulated at a range of levels in the administrative chain of command. The policy making process is divided into four levels. (a) the first level which is at the top is the political policy which is framed or created by the parliament, (b) the second level is the executive level which is framed or created by the cabinet, (c) the third level is the administrative policy in which the administrators perform the will of the government, and (d) the last level is the technical policy level. this is the lowest level and it is daily policy adopted by officials in the running of the administrative policy (Naidu 64).

International policies are associated with four main aspects. internal, political, economic and external security related. International policies must take into consideration the interest of parties involved (mostly nation states), and must be formulated such as not to interfere unduly with national interests and the powers so held by various organs and authorities of the nations involved (South Asia Analysis para 2). Most importantly, the policies must be formulated such as to avoid conflicts and wherever unavoidable cause least damage to power, status and national interests. In this respect, member states have the responsibility to air their views concerning the issue under consideration and the impacts that solutions proposed will have on them. Member states are also expected to take into consideration the laws that govern their jurisdictions so that the international policies are in line with their respective constitutions.

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