Hi I Need Help With Essay On Principle Of Physiology Paper Must Be At Least 1500

Hi, I need help with essay on Principle of physiology. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

A marking rubric is provided. This is the guide that the markers are going to use to mark your practical worksheets. Study it carefully. You need to print one of these sheets and include with your worksheet.

It may take 15-20 minutes to generate a report so please be patient. This report will tell you how similar (in a %) your work is to other published work. In the example below there is 82% similarity (unacceptable!). One the right hand side it lists where the information has come from listed under 1, 2 and 3. Ideally you should have 0% if you have referenced correctly and put the answers in your own words.

Once you have the report if you have any hits (coloured text) which for this piece of work should total no more than 20% you will need to write a short justification for each hit that you receive on your worksheet. Alternatively you can re-write those sections and re: run the Turn It In Report.

I understand that students like to include the instructions and or questions in their submission. If the highlighted text is part of the question or instructions for the worksheet then you do not need to justify. You only need to justify “hits” (highlighted text) that you receive on your answers.

Diagrams from textbooks are acceptable but they must be referenced correctly. If you use the diagram exactly how it appears in the textbook the reference would be (Sherwood, 2010). If you add something to the diagram to aid in your explanation (preferable) then the reference would be (modified from Sherwood, 2010). If you have drawn your own original version of a diagram to explain then you will not need to reference (even better option).

If you are getting lots of hits and it is showing a lot of similarity with already published work then you are not doing this correctly. You need to modify your style of writing (put it in your own words) and seek assistance with referencing and / or scientific writing. You cannot copy slabs of text from

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