Hi I Need Help With Essay On Psychology Of College Athletes Effect Their Recover

Hi, I need help with essay on Psychology of College Athletes effect their Recovery from Injury. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

When a college athlete dedicates a lot of time and training to a particular sport, he or she essentially builds a personal identity around the said sport. Refraining from taking part in the sport, even if for a few days or weeks, can result in the athlete’s perception of him or her self being negatively affected. This is because the sport-related injury will remove the very reinforcements that cause the athlete to maintain a certain sense of autonomy, self-mastery and control. In addition, professional college athletes benefit in other ways from engaging in competitive sports. According to Arvinen-Barrow, Penny, Hemmings and Corr (2010), the human brain releases endorphins when a person takes part in exercises. Stopping from exercise participation can thus increase an athlete’s daily level of stress.

Athletes are not just wounded when engaged in competitive sports. They can experience injury in the course of training. College athletes, in particular, tend to be more aggressive when exercising because they may be trying to catch the attention of talent scouts or successfully be enrolled in one of the national sports teams. It is not uncommon for coaches to subtly hint that real athletes have to accept that they have to endure increasing levels of pain in order to be considered as the right material for the increasingly competitive sports scene. This means that the athletes will believe in the notion that the more they endure in terms of pain and injury, the more they will become stronger in their preferred sport. The adoption of such beliefs can result in college athletes over-straining when they are training or playing sport. They may feel that unless their physical bodies have experienced excessive discomfort, then they have not reached their peak as professional athletes (Glazer, 2009). It then becomes easy for such an athlete to be unable to differentiate between the

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