Hi I Need Help With Essay On Risk And Threats Of Cloud Computing Services Paper

Hi, I need help with essay on Risk and Threats of Cloud Computing Services. Paper must be at least 2750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

In spite&nbsp.of the varied horizon&nbsp.being&nbsp.offered by the cloud computing services, most of the enterprises are skeptical about the safety of the cloud environment and are less willing to take the risks.&nbsp.&nbsp.In order to maintain the&nbsp.clientage&nbsp.and market competitiveness, cloud service providers must learn from the managed service provider (MSP) model to&nbsp.guarantee&nbsp.secure services to their clients along with increasing&nbsp.virtualization&nbsp.service&nbsp.efficiencies, (Foster, 1998). Further, the&nbsp.companies&nbsp.that are opting for cloud services are unaware of the unidentified risks existing&nbsp.within&nbsp.the cloud environment.

The ability of the cloud computing model to offer its clients/users to utilize the service provider’s applications which run on a cloud model infrastructure and these applications can be accessed by a number of clients through a system interface, for example, a Web browser, web-based email system. The user is free of responsibilities such as to manage the infrastructure, web servers, operation management and applications, data storage server maintenance, and network application tasks.

b.&nbsp.Platform as a Service (PaaS):&nbsp.The cloud computing&nbsp.PaaS&nbsp.model offers the user the facility to deploy itself on the computing infrastructure which is built according to the user related applications with the help of programming languages like Java, Net, etc.). As already stated before, the user does not have to manage the infrastructure of the cloud computing service, but the user has full

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