Hi I Need Help With Essay On Smartphone Security Paper Must Be At Least 1000 Wor

Hi, I need help with essay on SmartPhone Security. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Hackers, who know the default setting, can gain access to wireless network. In this way the network fails to require identification and verification of all users. This paper deals with the security issues in Smart phone. We will start our discussion with a brief introduction of Smart phone.

Smart phones, as name implies that it is small device. It is small device but it has more functionality of mobile phone and computer. It use used for communication like mobile phone and computing functionality like computer. With the help of smart phone, a user can interact with different application at same time. It is so small you can put in your pocket. You can install more software in your smart phones (Kenneth, 1996).

Smart phones combine the functions of pagers, cellular telephones, and personal digital assistants into a small single device. A smart phone is a wireless phone with text and Internet capabilities. It can handle wireless telephone calls, voice mail, email, and faxes, save addresses, and access information from Internet.

Wireless networks can be more expensive, slower, and more error prone than wired networks. Bandwidth and energy supply in wireless devices require careful management from both hardware and software standpoints (Imielinski and Badrinath, 1994). Security and privacy will be more difficult to maintain because wireless transmission can be easily intercepted. Data cannot be transmitted seamlessly between different wireless networks if they use incompatible standards.

The entire point of computer security is to eliminate or protect against threats. A threat is anything that can cause harm. A threat can be simple error, burglar or virus. A threat is not harm full unless it exploits an existing vulnerability. Vulnerability is a weakness, any thing that has not been protected against threats. Threats to your smart phone hardware involve incidents that have effect on the operation or maintenance of the smart phone.

The smart phones are using

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