Hi I Need Help With Essay On Summarize Chapter 23 And 24 Paper Must Be At Least

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Finally, the chapter also delved into a discussion of safety procedures required during aircraft taxiing, parking and towing, among others. The aim of the chapter was to enhance awareness on ground operations to prevent accidents and ensure safety through effective flight line operations.

Chapter 24 delved into a discussion of airports and heliports by first indicating three diverse scenarios: being a tenant, owning one, or using diverse airports or heliports, for that matter. The aim is to provide a comprehensive presentation of safety precautions and guidelines for safety managers, regardless of the kind of ownership. Learning begins with the airport certification manual and emergency plan. Differentiating criteria for airports and heliports were likewise presented. A great deal of spaces were accorded to contain relevant information detailing airport and heliport safety inspection subjects which make safety managers equipped in identifying safety programs, contents of manuals, required reporting, emergency plans, equipment, and fuel handling. It indicated that more information could be sourced from the Federal Aviation Administration, as required.

The article written by Andrew Smolenski published in Examiner.com indicated the Federal Aviation Administration’ s (FAA) new ruling on improving relevant policies to prevent the increased helicopter accidents. The full press release from the FAA revealed that: “the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today proposed broad new rules for helicopter operators, including air ambulances, which, if finalized, would require stricter flight rules and procedures, improved communications and training, and additional on-board safety equipment” (Smolenski, 1).

It can be deduced that the relevance of insuring compliance to safety requirements as stipulated in manuals and emergency plans must be adhered to, as indicated in the course modules on ground operations