Hi I Need Help With Essay On Tata Motors Marketing Strategy Paper Must Be At Lea

Hi, I need help with essay on Tata Motors marketing strategy. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The suppliers have little bargaining power over Tata Motors (Morrison, 2011). The suppliers include companies selling metals, tires, radios, air condition units, and other accessions to Tata Motors. The suppliers include companies offering different accessories Tata Motors. A large number of competing suppliers prevents one supplier having significant control or influence over Tata Motors’ choice of suppliers. In the short term, the suppliers’ bargaining power has a favorable effect on Tata Motors. Tata Motors can choose a supplier that offers the best quality product or service. In the long term, the suppliers’ bargaining power has an unfavorable effect on Tata Motors. The suppliers may unite to offer an industry-agreed price for the products. The new competitors’ threat is insignificant (Clark, 2010). With the high entry barriers, entities are discouraged from entering Tata Motors’ current vehicle market. One of the high barriers is the required high investment amount. Another barrier is the high India import duty rates. A third high barrier is the need to adapt the imported motor vehicles to India’s dilapidated poor road conditions. The fourth barrier is the high-temperature level’s damaging effects on the new competitors’ motor vehicles.The substitutes deliver lesser transportation quality and service than Tata Motors. The use of slow men-carrying Palanquin transport is not practical. The use of the Bullock cart is unrealistically slow. The horse carriage is slower than the Tata vehicle.