Hi I Need Help With Essay On The Contributions Of Migrant Workers In The Hotel I

Hi, I need help with essay on The Contributions of Migrant Workers in the Hotel Industry in London. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Concerning the United Kingdom, the immense contribution of migrants has facilitated the performance of the hotel industry in London because they demand low wages, salary packages and fewer facilities than the native born-born workers. For that reason, the operating costs of running the hotel business have been low due to low costs associated with payroll. These cheap salary packages are often due to migrants receiving insufficient information regarding the rules and regulations governing the international labor market and their rights as employees (Alberti, Holgate & Turner 2014). Consequently, the migrant workers have no idea of the fact that minimum wage policies exist. One of the determining factors of the minimum wage in the United Kingdom is the age group. The wage rates are calculated on the basis of the number of hours spent at work. For instance, the current wage rate per hour of an employee whose age is 21 years and above is £ 6.50. In addition, the migrant workers might lack the information about the existence of health and safety regulations that impose various limitations on the working condition. Therefore, the level of wage set for them by their employees is just what their employers wish for them to earn. The hotel industry exploits the opportunity created by lack of sufficient information in a bid to reduce the expenses, thus increase the profitability level. (Janta et al. 2012).

Migrant workers continually play a noteworthy and significant role in the Hotel industry across the globe. The internal movements of labor that occur within nations will be of equivalent volumes and, in a few countries, more noteworthy and essential in meeting the needs of the Hotel Industry (Shen & Huang 2012). The migrant workers are a vital source of government revenue. The tax on their wages makes a substantial contribution to the global government incomes.

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