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However, the base-superstructure parameter of the Marxian precept is not what exactly Kennan talks about. In his opinion, the American people are in general conscious of the need to accept a multicultural environment, without a state centre having to exert power on them to think on terms of the greater common good. This innate accommodative sense of the American public that leads to progress is the most interesting point Kennan makes in this passage.

The generalization that the American sentiments regarding national progress and general peace can be related to the concept of the American Dream where all those who came to the land and considered themselves as Americans were willing to work towards the common goal of building a paradise on the face of the earth. However, this common mission that Kennan tries to talk about had already been challenged during the World Wars and the Cold War years, due to the uncontrollable dimensions of ethnic diversity that made the America that we talk about now. Years of legal and illegal migration from many parts of the world to the American mainland has made many cultural collisions inevitable. The various ethnic and religious communities that settled in America for various reasons made it impossible to have a shared viewpoint on progress and peace.

The fact that America gained immense amount of power in the international scenario through economic development has in fact led to a situation where the opinion of Kennan would seem like a joke. America is now seen by many other nations as exerting power even outside its administrative boundaries to gain and sustain more power. Its interference in the Palestinian issue and the the antagonistic relations with Iran and other Muslim nations have in fact made America notorious for using its military force for its selfish gains. Similarly, the American internal affairs are also much beyond the comprehensive and cooperative attitudes that Kennan talks

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