Hi I Need Help With Essay On Understanding Primary Paper Must Be At Least 500 Wo

Hi, I need help with essay on Understanding Primary. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Understanding Primary Research

My goals for doing this primary research are determining that there is indeed a vandalism problem and that there are not enough solutions so far from the University and the police, so I need to find better solutions for it, and finding feasible recommendations for an anti-vandalism recommendations report. This primary research will help me determine solutions to vandalism and in finding the most feasible option.

I believe that this research will improve the campus’ knowledge on vandalism’s prevalence and what target audiences think about the effectiveness of existing solutions. I also believe that this will motivate stakeholders into identifying and supporting new solutions to vandalism by finding offender-centered and environment-related solutions.

I will accomplish my goals by ensuring that I interview the right audiences who can give me relevant information about vandalism efforts in the campus and how they can be improved. I will interview three senior students, one teacher, Gloria Aparicio Blackwell, Director of Community Engagement, Andrea Goodwin, Director of Student Conduct, and MPO Robert Jenshoej of the campus police. Besides this interview, I will also conduct a survey in class regarding the prevalence, motivations, and resolutions to vandalism in the campus. I will ask another teacher and student first for the pilot testing of the interview and survey questions to improve my instruments’ usability, validity, and reliability.

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