Hi I Need Help With Essay On Why Or Why Not A Well Known Leader Of Your Choice I

Hi, I need help with essay on Why or why not a well-known leader (of your choice) is leading appropriately for the situation. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Wynn had to direct his followers by offering them guidance so as to avoid doubt. His behavior and thinking were being accepted by his followers and he earned their trust. He has encouraged and supported them in attaining the goals that he had set for them. Wynn achieved this by making the path easy and clear for his juniors to follow. He offered the right guidance on the way for his followers and offered schedules to specific work since his subordinates had no experience. These initiatives boost control and the sense security for the followers. Thus, the path-goal theory is the right leadership theory to apply in the situation at hand (House, 128).

Based on the analysis of this leader, the theory shows that Wynn as the leader is effective as he gets his followers able to achieve their goals and the goals of the organization. His followers accept his ways of leading and therefore readily and willingly follow

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