Hi Need To Submit A 1250 Words Essay On The Topic Gifted Hands The Ben Carson St

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story.

Carson, comments in his writings, that his mother was the rock of the family even in the toughest times.

Ben was never regarded a good student. however, when he went back to Michigan elementary school, the reality hit him, that he lagged far behind in grades. A joke was cracked by his classmates, that Ben Carson was the world’s dumbest kid. Higgens Elementary school was hard on Ben, since the institution presented a predominance of whites. Ben was amongst the few students of the ethnic group African American. Ben was ignored by teachers and taunted by the very schoolmates. Ben Carson faced another hindrance, which threatened to overcome Ben. violent temper.

At times, anger in him could be provoked through teasing, while at times he would lash out for insignificant things. While just fourteen, Ben Carson stabbed one of his friends just because the friend, a boy, had tuned the radio station. The incident caused Ben Carson to be terrified, therefore, realizing just as he is quoted to have revealed to Current Science, he was ultimately headed for jail, or the grave. Consequently, Ben Carson became prayerful, and learned how to pursue peace within himself and with others. To date, Ben Carson prays every day, before, as well as after each surgery.

The book contains sound themes like the motivational theme, the evangelical tone throughout the book, Gifted Hands. The role of religion in medicine emerges an area of interest in the book. Carson raises a banner concerning the medical ethics, in the manner in which he conducts a series of surgeries. Gifted Hands presents a story of remarkable men, and therefore the act of paraphrasing the ad. such a brain presents a terrible substance to waste.

Additionally, themes of Love and loyalty have been featured throughout the Ben Carson’s work, Gifted Hands. These two themes are particularly discussed within the first several chapters where Carson usually talks regarding his family.

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