Hi Need To Submit A 1250 Words Essay On The Topic Re Dynamic Leadership Designin

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic RE: Dynamic Leadership: Designing a Leadership Strategy for Problem-solving and Decision Making.

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In the first phase (Problem Analysis Phase), the researcher conducts a needs analysis to identify the problem. In the second phase (Policy Creation Phase), the researcher formulates a policy to implement the same within the context of school environment. In the third phase (Strategic Communication Phase), the researcher formulates an effective plan to analyze the effectiveness of the measures adopted to solve the problem of bullying at schools. Worldwide, schools act the role of a social institution which moulds the character of the student community. At the same time, a principal is the supreme authority that is responsible to take apt decisions at critical situations and solve the problems within the school environment. So, principals must possess decision making capacity and must be aware of the different techniques made use to solve problems. In addition, dynamic leadership is essential for a principal to take decisions and solve problems. Within this context, bullying is a serious problem to be dealt by school principals. Thesis statement: The evaluation of the innovative techniques used by the researcher/principal to resolve the problem of school bullying proves that needs analysis (Problem Analysis Phase), policy development/implementation (Policy Creation Phase), and strategic planning (Strategic Communication Phase) can reduce the scope of the same within school environment. Problem Analysis Phase Within the context of school administration, problem analysis phase consists of the analysis of the problem identified by the researcher/principal. First of all, my responsibility as the principal is to confirm the rumors on bullying. I will take initiative to collect information from the teachers who are aware of the problem. Rigby (2010) states that, “First, it must be confirmed that an act or a series of acts of aggression has actually taken place. that is, someone has deliberately sought to hurt or threaten another person” (p.23). So as to analyze the problem, I will inform all the teachers and non-teaching staff to attend an immediate staff meeting. At the meeting, I will inform the teachers that bullying is a serious problem and we are responsible to rectify the same. Besides, I will ask the teachers and non-teaching staff to collect evidence on bullying. In this way, I will collect information from the teachers and non-teaching staff. In addition, I will ask the physical education teacher to be vigilant and to watch the bullies and the victims and collect evidence on bullying. After doing this, I will inform the computer instructor to collect evidence from the students who are victimized by the bullies. One can see that this step is difficult because online bullying is beyond school environment. For instance, the bullies can make use of social networking sites to threaten the other students. Still, the victims can provide evidence on online bullying because they can save their activities on the internet and can provide the same to the teacher as evidence. After collecting evidence from the teachers, non-teaching staff and the students, I will approach the parents of the victims. First of all, I will ask those parents to visit the school and provide evidence for bullying.

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