Hi Need To Submit A 1250 Words Essay On The Topic The Presidency Of The United S

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic The Presidency of The United States.

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The Commander-in-chief of the US military forces is responsible for deploying, supervising and increasing the number of America’s defense forces (White House Correspondent, 2012). The other roles that President Obama has for formulating policies and obtaining his goals include negotiating treaties with other foreign dignitaries acting as the chief of state in presenting medals to military heroes and hosting formal dinners for foreign leaders to further economic and global security relationships. He is the chief diplomat who appoints competent leaders as Ambassadors to the United Nations (UN). The UN Ambassador works under the guidance and supervision of the US, and acting as a source of influence to the rest of the world. Obama travels to foreign nations to create trade relationships, and affirm the US ideologically concerning foreign affairs (White House Correspondent, 2012). …

In his leadership, President Obama has encountered hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, Japan’s and Haiti’s devastating earthquake, inflation in oil prices and a nuclear threat from Iran, and the aftermath of Japan’s earthquake. In all these devastations, Obama has made sound decisions for the greater good of humanity. During and after the great recession that began after the real estate boom in 2008, President Obama worked hard with his economic and political advisors to improve the living standards of American consumers as well as those of the rest of the essential economies that were greatly affected. He improved financial markets, passed healthcare reforms to benefit even the low income earners and proposed a tax and economic reform to increase employment, increase total revenue and improve the living standards of the US consumers.ii President Obama’s leadership style positively affects how he governs the US. During the economic crisis, many US consumers were in panic-mode because of home foreclosures, rise of unemployment rates and mass layoffs. Obama’s calm and assertive leadership style encouraged many Americans to hope and strive for the best in their lives because measures were being taken to improve the economy that was spiraling. President Obama avoided making hasty decisions that would put the US primacy and global economy in jeopardy. The Federal Reserve issued loans to the government to provide temporary money infusions that would jump-start the economy. People with bad credit history were given loans to repay debts such as home mortgages and credit card debts. The adjustment interest rate was lowered for debtors to repay their loans within the time stipulated when their incomes were increased.

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