Hi Need To Submit A 1500 Words Essay On The Topic Work Health Safety Act The Wor

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Work Health Safety Act.

The Work Health and Safety Act can only be effectively maintained in a workplace with coordination from HR personnel and also incorporating this act into business operations. The NT regulators of this act are responsible for the overall regulation of the key objectives of this act in every territory or region.

The Work Health and Safety Act in the Northern Territory in Australia have the major responsibility of regulating all the territories in this region. The main objective of this act is ensure safety and health of workers at the workplace, electrical safety, to provide protection to the workers against dangerous goods, and focuses on worker’s compensation and rehabilitation. The WHS act was majorly formulated so that the workers can be given a workplace atmosphere that is not only full of harmony but takes care about smaller aspects related to the workers (Mayhew, 2007, pp. 67-68). The objectives can be further extended such as the first main objective of this act is to secure the welfare, health and safety factor of all the individuals who are a part of an organization. It prohibits any organization from over exploiting workers or rather does not take active measures towards the health and safety of the workers (Loewenson, 2001, pp. 94-95). The second objective of this act is to protect the lives of those workers who can be subjected to various risky activities that can take place in the workplace. The other objective of this Act is to control the use, acquiring and also keeping stocks of flammable or highly explosive substances in the workplace. This objective mainly takes into consideration the safety of the workers that should be treated as one of the priorities by an organization (Sherriff and Tooma, 2010, pp. 72-73). The next objective of the legislative act is to provide protective facilities and guidelines and also to have

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