Hi Need To Submit A 1750 Words Essay On The Topic Breaking The Chains Of Psychol

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery.

It is evidently clear from the discussion that the book enlightens the readers to break the chain of psychological slavery by the thought-provoking series of essay compiled and captivated within the pages of the book forwarded by world’s renowned experts on Afro-American minds. Chapter 1 of the book comprises of theories and perceptions quite similar to the title of the chapter. In this chapter, the author tries to focus on the attitudes of Blacks on various social, cultural and anthropological issues around man present in the environment. The chapter also intends to educate readers on the psychological implications of Blacks on various icons and commodities present in nature. The chapter precisely deals with the attitude of the Blacks towards Work, Property, The Clown, Personal Inferiority, Community Division, The Family and Colour Discrimination. The essay clearly discusses the implication or to be more precise the consequence of the ritual of slavery for more than 300 years on the minds of the Blacks which is even responsible for shaping their attitude towards various psychological and social issues. The convention of slavery with its dark history of almost three centuries might be treated by the historians as a remote history in the contemporary perspective but for the sociologists and psychologists, it will remain to be the root of perpetual distrustful attitude among the slaves towards the society and also among themselves. As regards the attitude towards property, the slaves have owned very small fortune always. This has given them a feeling of depravity and often led to jealousy towards their white masters resulting in frequent vandalism towards them. This legacy continued, according to Dr. Akbar, amid their future generations too and leads to a sense of extra possessiveness and made them more protective about their rights and property.

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