Hi Need To Submit A 1750 Words Essay On The Topic Sources Of Stress And Anxiety

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Sources of Stress and Anxiety in Adolescent Students Study.

Stress is the response or the reaction that a body shows when faced with disturbances that may be external or internal in nature and is actually a process by which one meets the challenges and threats in our daily lives (Myers, 2005). In an adolescent, if stress enhances the learning abilities it is known as good stress (“Eustress”), but if it inhibits or suppresses the capabilities and inherent potentialities of the adolescent, then it is bad stress (“Distress”) and must be avoided. An adolescent may face stress owing to parental pressure to excel in their studies, poor time management while organizing studies, while planning for their future which may often be hampered by parental interference, and also often due to impending school report cards and the parental reaction thereafter. This article will examine these causal factors for ‘adolescent stress related to studies’, and will explore its outward manifestations in various ways, like psychological, physiological and social dysfunction in adolescents, and interventions to lessen stress.

“Children are constantly being subjected to stress and conflict in their external environment: from family school and work, and nature. and in their internal environment: from their feelings of anger, anxiety, sadness and loneliness” (Arnold, 52). Stress may manifest itself in various ways, which may in effect cause our bodies to function differently as a reaction to the stressful situation. Khalid in his research papers on adolescent students has shown that over one-third (35.5%) of adolescents have had stress (Khalid, 33-37) while Bawens and Jack in their papers have concluded that adolescent stress comes mostly from school and are related to disproportionate amounts of assignments amounting to huge workload, frequent class examinations, biased behavior of the school teachers and the indignity of lagging behind the school peers in class studies.

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