Hi Need To Submit A 2000 Words Essay On The Topic Do Men Or Women Have More Unco

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Do men or women have more uncomitted, heterosexual sexual intercourse.

Social learning theory explains the double standard on uncommitted sexual intercourse on the basis of the cultural norm that punished or isolated women for behaving in a sexually permissive manner while men gain admiration and popularity for similar behaviors. On the basis of sexual learning theory, the pattern of sexual behavior is explained by sexual script theory. A 1982 research points out that women were more probable to label sexual behavior of other women as immoral to suggest that women support the double standard that they should have less sex or no sex in uncommitted relationships (Milhausen, R.R. & Herold, E.S. 1999 pp.361-368).

Uncommitted sexual intercourse is a topic of interest in recent times due to the evolution of sex differences and their relationship to sexual attraction. A research led by Michael Bailey found that men in the past enhanced their mating opportunities by indulging in uncommitted, casual sexual encounters. With respect to this supposition, men have more frequent yearning for sex with new partners when compared to women. Further, men are more willing than women to indulge in impersonal and casual sex. On the basis of this argument, it is considered that women commit more resources for reproduction and they gain very less advantage from casual frequent sexual action unless it is an extra effort taken for occasional copulation with a superior male to improve reproductive success. The researcher points out that heterosexual man has a high desire for sexual activity with a number of sexual partners. While comparing the frequent sexual activity of women, Bailey and colleagues consider the frequent sexual activity of heterosexual women as accommodating to the demands of male partners rather than the women’s true yearning for frequent intercourse. Another explanation indicates that women generally are socialized in a way that they are assertive in prompting sexual

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