Hi Need To Submit A 2000 Words Essay On The Topic Evaluate Critically The Histor

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Evaluate critically the historical development of the interventions of the UK government in sports policy; do political ideologies impact modern sport.

sports which entailed the creation of rules and regulations in the play of the sports and that this element of sports started only during the 19th century (Guttmen, 2008). Another factor that contributed to this shift is the direct governmental intervention in sports during the early part of the twentieth century, which has been made more manifest after World War 1 and at the onset of globalisation (Houlihan, 2002). One of the earliest governmental interventions in sports is the passage of policies prohibiting blood sports. Great Britain and United States are the first two countries who have implemented this policy (Houlihan, 2008). In fact until now, boxing is still banned in Sweden (Houlihan, 2008) What is significant and distinct about the direct involvement of the government in sports is the idea that the state has started to intervene on what sports is to be promoted and what is to be outlawed. In fact, after World War I, the state has found more reasons to become directly involved in sports because sports have been valued as a good way for the military to be physically fit (Houlihan, 2002). Although this is no longer a popular reason for state involvement in sports, it cannot be denied that the military reason for physical fitness and training has become an important policy in sports development from 1920s until 1980s (Houlihan, 2002). In the more recent years, the state involvement in sports has been motivated by the concept of social integration and cohesion (Houlihan, 2002). Social integration has been claimed to be a loose term that covers diverse policies which ranges from “combating juvenile delinquency, establishing a sense of community during rapid periods of urbanization the integration of diverse ethnic groups” (Houlihan, 2002: 215). While others have maintained that the social integration of sports is not just a means to attain social stability in the face of rapid developments and changes but that it is “ defined as integration in the work

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