Hi Need To Submit A 2000 Words Essay On The Topic How Do People Make Sense Of He

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic How do people make sense of health and illness Discuss with reference to at least TWO social cognition theories.

egulation of health and illness are some of the psychological analysis of understanding health and illness in human beings (Aspinwall & Taylor, 1992).

When an individual is suffering from a chronic illness, one would get the perception that such an individual clearly understands the level of vulnerability he is in and the likelihood of associating his sickness to some meaning (Ratelle et al,2004). Regardless of the pain they, may be undergoing, thinking positively about ones state of affairs promotes mental health. However, if patients, harbor negatives thoughts that tend to lay the blame on themselves, they are likely to harbor negative mental health that may lead to anxiousness, stress or a feeling of worthlessness. A number of researchers, has challenged this stand by pointing out that such negatives perceptions triggers the acceptance of their condition thus allowing them to accept there state of health (Taylor,1983).

Cognitive Adaptation and Mental Health Theory states that self-determined motivation forms the psychological mechanism that triggers cognitive adaptation that enhances mental health. According to Taylor, 1993, the adjustment process in a person usually takes place when an individual tries to maintain or achieve an optimistic attitude towards a general issue life, an attempt to attempt to specialize or deeply understand an event or regaining of self-esteem (Ratelle et al, 2004). Cognitive adaptations mostly occurs when there is a life threatening event in ones life, however, the cognitive and adaptation and mental health theory, points out that when an individual’s mind is preoccupied with optimism, positive perceptions, and perceived control he is likely to benefit from them both mentally and physically (Taylor, 1983).

An analysis of three components of Cognitive Adaptation Theory (CAT) plays a significant role towards the understanding of Cognitive Adaptation and Mental Health Theory. The first components of CAT points out that people do