Hi Need To Submit A 2000 Words Paper On The Topic Looking At Organizational Beha

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Looking at Organizational Behaviors Such as Management Objectives, Culture, Knowledge about How People as Individuals and as Groups Act within Organizations. The easiest probable approach is to promote the common interest of the group first thus, to gather altogether the efforts and interest of each unit and channel it towards the achievement of that goal. This is primarily the foundation of the aspect of organizational management, which is to maintain the necessary values inside the organization’s environment for the effectiveness and efficiency of the member’s efforts (Robinson, 2000). To do this, the management must be able to lead its member towards the tasks and responsibilities and be able to relate to the needs of each of its units. It is through this approach that the management is able to transcend the individuality barriers and diversity environment inside the organization for their productivity towards the common goal. (Sims 2002)

On a personal reflection as a member of an actual organization management committee, there are several important concepts and terminologies that one must intricately understand to function effectively as an organizational manager. Most of these key concepts include the values that are important for the functions and operations of the organization and the issues that must be thoroughly addressed inside the organization (Robinson 2000). These important concepts are organizational behavior, organizational culture, diversity, communication, business ethics, and change management.

First among the list is the task of fostering organizational behavior within the group particularly the necessary values and idealism that each individual member must possess. In this aspect, the management promotes the ideal behavior that is important for the group for it to function effectively towards the common goal (Robinson 2000). Indeed, the management must primarily establish the concepts of professionalism and teamwork within its member to enhance their productivity as a group.&nbsp.

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