Hi Need To Submit A 2250 Words Essay On The Topic The Symbols And The Ideas In T

Hi, need to submit a 2250 words essay on the topic The Symbols and the Ideas in The Metamorphosis.

Franz Kafka has used many interesting symbols in the story to convey the idea about how a human being can change with the change in his circumstances.

Symbols are the means through which people from the world of art, whether writers, poets or painters, try to convey their ideas [1]. So symbols can be anything like the characters, color, object, action or figure. Franz Kafka has used some very interesting symbols in the story ‘The Metamorphosis’ to show the ruthlessness of the world and the relationships that we hold so dear. We will discuss the symbols he has used in his story and take a look at the idea that he wanted to convey through it.

The story starts with Gregor, the main character in the story, mysteriously turning into a bug and finding it difficult to get out of the bed. Gregor describes his body as hard and inflexible. The bug is used as a symbol to convey the idea of how mechanical and rigid Gregor’s life has become. His life has lost free will and has lost even the flexibility to exercise will on his own body (Kafka 11).

Gregor tries to move and to get up but he cannot and he feels pain and awkwardness. This symbolizes the idea that he has gotten so used to the hardships of life and has stuck in it in such a way that if he tries to get out of it, it will cause him nothing but pain and misery. Using an ugly animal like a bug in the story, Franz Kafka has tried to compare it to the extent of ugliness that Gregor is feeling in his subconscious mind. After all, the transformation of Gregor’s body into a bug is nothing but a representation of how he feels about himself subconsciously.

When&nbsp.Gregor transforms into a bug,&nbsp.he also gets a&nbsp.bunch of small,&nbsp. weak,&nbsp.wiggling legs.

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